ST. LOUIS, Mo. — Today the Equipment Dealers Assn. (EDA) disseminated the 2018 Dealer-Manufacturer Relations Survey to thousands of equipment dealers through the United States and Canada. The survey will remain open for four weeks, through March 7, 2018. This annual survey measures the relationships between dealers and the manufacturers whose products they sell.

The survey enables equipment dealers to rate up to seven manufacturer lines they carry in 12 key business categories, such as product quality, availability and technical support; parts availability, quality and return policy; communication, warranty and marketing/advertising support.  

“Our Dealer-Manufacturer Relations Survey is critical for dealers and manufacturers,” says Joe Dykes, VP of Industry Relations. “Dealers can anonymously give their opinions on their manufacturers and use the resulting data to evaluate their product mix. Manufacturers on the other hand use the results to take the temperature of their dealer networks and find areas of improvement.”

This year, several manufacturers provided EDA with their dealer lists to assist in the distribution of the survey via email. Last year the survey received more than 9,300 individual manufacturer ratings representing more than 2,300 dealership groups. EDA's survey has seen an increase in participation and responses each year for the past five years and we anticipate increases again in 2018. 

Anyone who has not already received a survey questionnaire may email to request one.