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Today, you’ll be joining Farm Equipment's editor Mike Lessiter for candid conversation with the leaders of Art’s Way Manufacturing, a shortline farm equipment manufacturer out of Armstrong, Iowa.

We're joined by Ward McConnell, the senior of the 2 McConnell’s from Art’s Way Manufacturing. Art’s Way was founded in 1956 when Iowa farmer Arthur Luscombe went to market with his PTO powered grinder mixer. Today, Art’s Way does over 20 million dollars in annual revenues and employs 150 across 3 facilities.

Additionally we welcome Marc McConnell who'll share how he was groomed from an early age to one day lead the business.

In this podcast, brought to you by GKN Off-Highway Powertrainwe’re going to hear a few stories about the founding of Art's Way, when bank pressures were so fierce they were't sure they’d get another year, Marc's childhood memories of sitting at the table for the biggest negotiation his deal-hungry dad ever made and a few proud moments and kind words shared between father and son.

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