DULUTH, Ga.  — AGCO Corp. (NYSE: AGCO) announced a new organizational structure aimed at streamlining operations and enhancing aftersales revenue opportunities for its dealers.

The One Team One Goal initiative restructures the commercial organization to create a cohesive and coordinated field organization to grow AGCO dealers’ machinery and aftersales business. AGCO field support team members are now regionally aligned to create a consistent approach and interface with AGCO dealers and customers, and increase the quality of technical support to them.

“The recent industry cycle reminded us how critical parts and service is to all our financial health.  It is better for us to continually improve our parts and service absorption by strengthening our ability to provide aftersales support to our customers today and in the future,” said Robert Crain, senior vice president and general manager, AGCO Americas.

Additionally, the One Team One Goal initiative includes several leadership changes. Bill Hurley is now vice president, aftersales, customer support and distribution development for North America and will lead AGCO Parts, the technical customer support operations and distribution development functions.

Kent Butler will continue as vice president, service administration, leading AGCO Assembly Centers, Technical Publications and Technical Administration and Resolution for North America. 

Joe DiPietro will lead a combined wholegoods sales and marketing team as vice president, sales and marketing for North America. DiPietro replaces Alistair McLelland, previously vice president marketing, North America, who assumed the role of vice president and managing director, China, in December 2017. 

To increase focus on aftersales support and revenue opportunities, and reporting to Bill Hurley, several key appointments have been made. Scott Ward, formerly director, supply chain for North America Parts will now serve as general manager, Aftersales Operations for North America. In addition, a new Field Aftersales team has been created, under the leadership of Mike Long. This Aftersales team serves our AGCO dealers’ parts and service operational needs and combines many aspects of the previous field parts and field service roles. Finally, Technical service issues will be handled by a dedicated field technical support team, under the leadership of Todd Hatzenbuehler.

The transition to the new infrastructure is expected to be completed by Feb. 1, 2018 and dealers and customers will experience no interruption in service.