Vermeer has applied zero-radius turning to the steering system in the self-propelled ZR5 Baler. This feature allows operators to gain better maneuverability and driving efficiency than a conventional tractor-baler combination. The zero-radius turning can eliminate skipping a windrow to make the turn or swinging out wide to get into the next windrow, and it can be disengaged when it’s time to head to the next field. With the zero-turn disengaged, the operator steers the ZR5 using the front wheels for a smooth, confident ride.

Features of the ZR5 include automation of the baling process and integrated quarter-turn technology. During the tie-cycle, the machine can automatically rotate to the left or right, positioning the bale parallel to the windrow upon ejection. When placing bales parallel to the windrow, the picking up process can be completed up to 35% faster. The bale chamber can be removed for maintenance in a matter of minutes.

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