Kevin Ferrick of the American Petroleum Institute says the API has been busy since late last year licensing more than 430 new oil formulations from large, medium and small oil marketers blending diesel engine oil for the new CK-4 designation. CK-4 oils are intended for diesel engines previously using API CJ-4 oils and are backward compatible with CJ-4 and earlier API designations.

These oils will be the most popular of the new specification formulations, because off-road equipment currently in use is using similar formulations, and CK-4 is merely the latest refinement in lubricants for heavy equipment and other farm-oriented diesel powered equipment.

“The flurry of licensing since December 2016 indicates there will be numerous brands of CK-4 diesel engine oils available for agriculture and other off-road industries,” Ferrick explains.

Ferrick, senior manager of API’s oil licensing and certification system, says API has also approved 65 FA-4 blends — mainly for over-the-road applications with 2017 model year engines and beyond — since the new specifications became available.

In all cases, however, Ferrick urges owner-operators and fleet managers to consult with owner manuals for engines they are servicing to ensure the new oils are being installed as recommended.