The Twin Disc RC214 and RC314 PTOs are hydraulically-actuated with self-adjusting dry clutches, utilizing 240–300 psi of engagement pressure. There are no pilot bearings, and the mains are oil-lubricated for long life.

An advanced control system can be used for soft-starting high-inertia loads. Both the RC214 and RC314 are suitable for side load and in-line applications and are SAE #1 housing size. The RC214 has two friction plates, while the RC314 has three. Optional sintered iron and composite versions are available to increase torque and horsepower capacity. The clutch maximum horsepower rating of the RC214 is 376/Class II, 251/Class III and 188/Class IV. The RC314 is 564/Class II, 376/Class III and 282/Class IV. The RC214 boasts a maximum input torque of 2,195 pound-foot organic and 2,748 sintered. The RC314 rates at 3,297 and 4,125, respectively.

Like all Twin Disc PTOs, the RC214/314 series is built to last. Their bearings, shafts and other elements are engineered with liberal safety factors to maximize life under normal operating conditions.

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