Amazone's ZA-M Twin Disc Fertilizer Spreader Series features the EasySet onboard computer that offers simple operation of the spreader from the tractor cab. Via this operator terminal, the shutter slides can be activated electronically — on the headland, each opening can be closed or opened at the press of a button. In wedge shaped fields, the driver can individually activate either the right or left hand side. LED lights on the EasySet terminal indicate whether the shutter slides are open or closed. In addition, via the terminal, the application rate can be adjusted individually on the move to either side with the corresponding opening size being shown on the display.

The ZA-M Easy can be quickly mounted on the tractor, as no hydraulic services are required for the shutter slide. The ZA-M Fertilizer Spreader Series includes three basic models with 35.3, 42.4 and 53 cubic feet capacity hoppers, which can be upgraded to a maximum of 105.9 cubic feet with the aid of extensions. The slow-turning agitators provide a very even, gentle fertilizer flow.

The ZA-M Twin Disc Fertilizer Spreader Series features working widths of 32.8-118 feet.

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