Felling Trailer Inc. now offers Blackwood Lumber, a safety-focused decking material to its trailer options. Blackwood Lumber starts with treated Southern Yellow Pine; each board has 0.25 inches milled out of the topside. Once the boards are milled, the rubber from reground tires is infused into the boards 6 millimeters thick. The rubber then sits just above flush with the surface of the lumber so that the rubber always makes the first contact with equipment.

Blackwood is said to be safer and stronger when compared to other materials such as standard lumber, rubber or metal. It provides superior traction on any surface it is applied to. Blackwood Lumber prevents slipping and makes loading equipment easier and safer, even in wet conditions. Blackwood is made with the highest quality lumber, which is strengthened by the fusion process. The industrial grade rubber infused in Blackwood is the same rubber used at gun ranges to absorb bullets. Blackwood is made to withstand heavy impact that would crack and damage normal lumber. The rubber infusion in Blackwood doesn’t fade or crack like lumber. It also doesn’t stain and can be easily cleaned with water.

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