Felling Trailers' Low Pro Limited Deck-Over Tag Trailers consists of two models: the FT-45-2 LP Limited, a tandem axle 22.5 ton, and the FT-50-3 LP Limited, a triple axle 25 ton. The available deck lengths for the tandem axle are 20, 22 and 24 feet. The available deck lengths for the triple axle are 24 and 26 feet.

The Low Pro Limited (LPL) series is constructed with an 8 inch channel side rail, flange in, with 4 inch Jr. I-beam crossmembers pierced through the heavy-duty, engineered and fabricated 16 inch mainframe with 1.375 inch apitong decking. The LPL's are standard with a 6 foot long double incline beavertail providing 12- and 6-degree load angles, respectively. The double incline feature eliminates the sharp break-over point, which helps substantially for loading and unloading tracked equipment safely.

The hitch area of the LPL’s delivers an increased level of usability to operators. The standard 6 foot long hitch includes an oversized toolbox.

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