The Yetter 2967-180A Floating Residue Manager is available with brackets that let growers quickly and easily mount the CleanSweep kit on the unit. Paired with the CleanSweep, the Residue Manager can be adjusted from the cab.

The 2967-180A Floating Residue Manager and 2959-107 Precision Planting CleanSweep Mounting Kit are designed to work with the 2959-003 Unit Mounted Single Disc Fertilizer Opener. The 2959-003 features a 16 inch blade that opens a slot 2 inches to the left or right of the row to inject liquid fertilizer, giving crops a faster start for maximum yield potential.

The unit is also available with an optional spring tine injector, and it has adjustable coulter depth settings so growers can achieve their desired fertilizer placement.

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