Sunco Marketing’s Floating Saber Tooth Row Cleaners use a parallel linkage design which allows the openers to remain level the highest and lowest points of operation. This results in optimal performance at any location of travel.

Sunco Saber Tooth Trash Discs excel at clearing yield robbing residue from the seedbed using field proven advantages that include disc concavity, exclusive tooth design and disc separation. The discs build on those advantages with the floating row cleaner design which allows the units to more closely follow the contours of the field consistently clearing residue, achieving peak performance at any position of travel. The maintenance free polymer depth bands aid in the floating action by creating floating and preventing gouging in soft soil conditions.

Floating Saber Tooth Row Cleaners can be used in conjunction with the Precision Planting CleanSweep System which allows for in cab down pressure control. Manual down pressure control is also available with the optional spring down pressure kit. Upgrade kits are also available for customers who would like to upgrade their Pin Adjust Saber Tooth Row Cleaners to Floating Row Cleaners.

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