John Deere released its retail sales report for March 2017 on Apr. 11.

  • The company says its U.S. and Canada sales of compact tractors (<40 HP) were up more than the industry, which were up 12% for the month, according to the latest numbers reported by the Assn. of Equipment Manufacturers on Apr. 10.
  • Industry sales of mid-range/utility tractors (40-100 HP) were up by 4% in March. Deere’s sales were “in line” with industry sales.
  • Total U.S. and Canada sales of row-crop tractors (100+ HP) were down by 6% in March. Deere reports its sales were “in line” with the industry.
  • Industry sales of 4WD tractors were up 31% vs. the same period in 2016. Deere’s sales were “more than the industry.”
  • Sales of combines in the U.S. and Canada were up by 32% for the month. Deere reports its sales were “up” more than the industry.

Dealer Inventories

AEM also released industry equipment inventories at the dealer level in units as a percentage of trailing 12 months of retail sales. Inventory figures lag retail sales by a month. The AEM numbers represent tractor and combine inventory for February.

  • Industry inventories of compact tractors were at 57%. Deere reports its dealer inventories for this tractor category were “lower than the industry.”
  • For tractors mid-range tractors, inventory levels were 64%.  Deere’s inventory was “lower than the industry.”
  • The inventory of row-crop tractors was 54%. Deere says its inventory of tractors of 100 HP and higher was “lower than the industry.”
  • The industry’s inventory of 4WD tractor was 37%. Deere’s dealers’ inventory was “in line with the industry.”
  • Combine inventory industry wide was 24%. Deere reports its inventory of harvesters was “lower than the industry.”

Deere’s March 2017 retail sales of selected turf and utility equipment in the U.S. and Canada were down by single digits.