The LAFORGE VersaDeck Versatile Mobile Platform is designed to be carried by a forklift or tractor, either on the rear or front 3-point hitch or on the front loader. With its floor plate dimensions of 96 x 72 inches and loading capacity of 3,300 pounds, it can carry anything from a small tool box to an ATV. The VersaDeck is also available in a smaller size with a floor plate dimension of 60 x 72 inches, only available to be carried by forklift.

Features include:

• elevated work platform

• ability to attach tool boxes and tools for a mobile workshop

• front bevel edge and removable doors

• removable door latches and posts

• numerous tie down points and strapping holes

• optional brackets for vise, winch and battery

• optional OSHA-approved work surround for elevated work

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