The Challenger MT400E Series offers five, fully-equipped models with maximum engine ratings from 120-160 horsepower, each with a base weight of 15,432 pounds and lift capacity of 5,032 pounds at the pivot pin. With a choice of three transmissions and multi-function joystick that puts shuttle and loader controls in one convenient location for one-hand operation, this tractor is ideal for loader work on livestock and hay operations.

All models are powered with a 4.9 AGCO Power 4-cylinder diesel engine meeting EPA Tier 4 Final emission standards using Selective Catalytic Reduction — meaning no diesel particulate filter, no regeneration requirements and no exhaust gas recirculation system. 

The high-visibility cab rides on a mechanical suspension, and premium models offer an optional, mechanical active system. It is integrated into the tractor’s design for a better angle of oscillation and more effective dampening of vibration for a more stable ride and less operator fatigue.

Optional factory-installed Live 3rd function enables up to three loader functions simultaneously to make loader work even easier.

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