Challenger, a worldwide brand of AGCO, has officially introduced the new MT400D Series mid-range tractors at the 2013 Farm Progress Show in Decatur, Ill.

The MT400D Series boasts big-Challenger-tractor features in a maneuverable, hardworking package. Ideal for loader work, hay production and around-the-farm use, the MT400D Series provides professional farmers an efficient tool to tackle a variety of jobs with the high standard of reliability and performance they’ve come to expect from Challenger.

These new MT400D Series tractors are built with the professional farmer in mind, says David Bercik, product marketing manager. These handy, productive tractors round out any fleet and are perfect for the daily chores of a busy farming operation.

Big Power, Efficient Package

The MT400D Series includes five models — MT455D, MT465D, MT475D, MT485D and MT495D — ranging from 90 to 125 PTO horsepower. The 4.9-liter AGCO Power TM engine that powers each model is built tough, with wet, replaceable cylinder liners and mid supports that keep engine temperatures and repair costs down. The four-cylinder powerplant benefits from an intercooled turbo-charger, four valves per cylinder, high-pressure common-rail fuel injection and electronic engine management, all of which add up to the increased power and efficiency that farmers need to get the job done in whatever conditions they encounter. Each MT400D also meets tier 4-interim emissions standards for North America.

Driveline Options for Demanding Conditions

MT400D Series tractors are available with three hardworking, reliable transmissions to give farmers a choice in performance and capability. The AutoPower IV transmission, a longtime staple of Challenger tractors, provides 16 forward and 16 reverse speeds. The AutoPower VI gives operators the same rugged reliability as the AutoPower IV, along with a jump to 24 forward and 24 reverse speeds. The TechStar TM continuously variable transmission (CVT) is engineered to be smooth and reliable, for farmers who work under conditions that require the ultimate in performance and comfort. The TechStar CVT offers operators an infinite number of work and travel speeds without the jerk and jump of shifting gears.

The rear axle for all MT400D models is engineered around a heavy cast steel structure with internal planetary final drives to hold up under the stress of working long days in extreme conditions. The rear differential locks electrohydraulically when things get slippery, to keep the tractor pushing forward.

Farmers can select an optional front axle suspension for the best performance and comfort. This simple, well-engineered suspension design keeps the front wheels planted on the ground, even in rough, uneven terrain. Farmers also benefit from reduced power hop and wheel slip, which means greater pulling force and improved efficiency, along with a smoother ride.

Comfortable, Customizable Options for Modern Farmers

The Challenger MT400D Series is designed and built to meet the diverse needs of modern farmers. There are three option packages available to give farmers the right combination of comfort, technology and hardware for their farming environment:

The Classic Edition has all of the essential options farmers need to get tough jobs done, including a standard four-wheel-drive front axle, large six-post cab with rubber isolators, and a standard hydraulic system with mechanically controlled hydraulic valves.

The Deluxe Edition steps up to a suspended four-wheel-drive front axle with TruTrak adjustable-rate steering, mechanical cab suspension, two electronic fingertip hydraulic valves in the armrest and advanced tractor auto-steer-capable electronics with DataTronics.

The Premium Edition offers the best technology, performance and comfort with hydraulic (active) cab suspension, advanced tractor electronics with DataTronics and Auto-Guide installed, four electronic fingertip hydraulic control valves, an automatic HVAC system and power mirrors.

All MT400D Series tractors come standard with a large, comfortable cab. The six-post design with 62.5 square feet of glass allows for exceptional visibility in all directions. Visibility is further improved by the new, narrow one-piece composite hood. Various layout options of the cab controls are also available, including an armrest console with integrated transmission, hydraulic, loader and other functions, providing intuitive access to the controls farmers use most during long days at work.

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