Handy's B.U.L. (Big Utility Lift) has a huge capacity with a small footprint. The B.U.L. can handle a whopping 2,500 pound capacity and offers the option of loading from either end, making it the ideal choice for servicing the most colossal UTVs.

The B.U.L. operates with an air bellow, which requires zero maintenance. The B.U.L. raises to a maximum working height of 39 inches and has four stopping points. Dual detent bars on this lift ensures superior stability.

Four adjustable support bars with anti-skid rubber padding gives the operator peace of mind as it lifts even the widest loads. A sliding oil pan is mounted under the lift top, which boasts a 27 inch wide working surface and extends to 51 inches with the support arms fully extended. The framework is a textured black powder coat for added durability. Four phenolic wheels with serviceable roller bearings preserve a finished shop floor.

Storage is a breeze with this compact unit, with a minimum height of 9.5 inches and weighing in at just 500 pounds. The B.U.L. comes with a lifetime limited warranty.

For more information, please visit www.HandyIndustries.com/Big-Utility-Lift.