Revolutionized with an air bellows to replace the air cylinder, the S.A.M. 1200 Air Lift requires virtually zero maintenance. This lift features a 1,200 pound capacity and a maximum working height of 39 inches. The rear drop-out panel simplifies tire changes and maintenance.

The S.A.M. 1200 features an automatic ratcheting safety mechanism with dual springs that creates a positive lock as the lift is raised. The safety mechanism is easily flipped back to lower the lift and automatically resets once the lift reaches the bottom. With the automatic reset, there is no more worrying about the operator having to remember to set the safety bar.

Built tough with domestic steel, this lift features a durable powder coat finish and is ready to tackle motorcycles and ATVs. 1200 Air Lift includes a lifetime limited warranty.

All the accessories that work with S.A.M. 1000 lift are also compatible with the redesigned S.A.M. 1200 Air Lift, including 12 inch side extensions, front and rear extensions and a CV-17 cycle vise.

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