Harvest International Inc. recently announced the release of the 2017 LaserPro1 planter row unit. 

This patent-pending row unit is designed to meet the rising standards of precision agriculture. Laser-cut from high-tensile steel, the LaserPro1 is designed to maintain durability for high-speed planting without losing accuracy. 

5 Features of the LaserPro1: 

1. QuickRelease closing wheel mount lets operators switch out closing wheel assemblies quickly for different field needs. 

2. Down force-ready brackets come standard on all of Harvest International’s row units, saving time and labor. 

3. Tapered, non-metallic bushing adjustment makes for easy adjustment, eliminating side-to-side and vertical row unit play. 

4. Lateral closing wheel adjustment guaranteed to keep the seed trench in the center of the closing wheels. 

5. Integrated camber adjustment allows you to easily adjust the angle of your gauge wheels.