The CDS-John Blue Visagage Orifice Selector system is a self-contained orifice device that allows the user to quickly change between four different orifice sizes at each row without any line disassembly. This system eliminates messy traditional orifice plate changes where fertilizer lines must be opened. It also reduces the time needed to make the changes because the devices are grouped together on top of the Visagages instead of down low at each row, and greatly reduces the amount of extra loose parts (orifice discs) that must be maintained.

The Visagage Orifice Selector installs in the outlet of new or existing Visagage II columns, which allows for quick orifice adjustments at these grouped sections instead of visiting every row unit. Changing between orifice sizes is as simple as rotating a dial on top of the unit, and the four positions are clearly marked. The orifice sizes in the plate were chosen to cover a wide range of applications, and a second, larger plate is included with every unit to cover high-end applicator installations.

The free CDS-John Blue Info Link app is available for both iOS and Android devices to provide the user with calculators and chart information in the field to help with orifice size selection. The Visage Orifice Selector was an AE50 Award winner. For more information, visit