VANCOUVER, B.C. — Flowfinity Wireless Inc., a provider of enterprise mobile apps, today released a customer success story featuring Hoober Inc., a farm equipment dealership that is successfully using smartphones to manage equipment appraisals and sales. Hoober was Precision Farming Dealer's 2016 Most Valuable Dealership.

Replacing a paper process, Hoober uses Flowfinity mobile app software to automate the field data collection process to improve efficiency and save time. The captured equipment data is more accurate and duplicate data entry steps are eliminated. Now with equipment appraised to its accurate value, Hoober can confidently sell at a higher profit margin.

"We are now getting critical information in a timely manner. All the data is gathered electronically, so our sales team can access it to do appraisals more efficiently and make sales quicker," said Scot Goodling, director of IT, Hoober. "It is a very efficient process."

Flowfinity's software also enables real-time posting of items to the catalog so customers are informed about equipment for sale immediately. Hoober's rapid response to customers has led to faster sales and higher equipment turnover.

Key features of Flowfinity include offline capabilities, high functionality with smartphones and tablets and two-way data flow. Hoober can now use powerful, flexible, user-friendly mobile apps that simplify their entire business process, setting them apart from competitors in an evolving industry.

"The agricultural equipment industry is very competitive, and the need for a mobile solution to perform appraisals and capture equipment information in the field became obvious," said Goodling. "Flowfinity's software gives us the competitive advantage we were looking for."

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