Thurston Mfg.'s Circle R Side Dump product line has been purchased by Dethmers Mfg. Co., doing business as Demco, along with its affiliate brand name Maurer Mfg., Thurston announced.

Thurston Manufacturing president Nick Jensen called it a “win-win” for Demco/Maurer, Thurston Manufacturing and the Circle R Side Dump brand that the local manufacturing business has housed in Thurston since it was purchased in 1999, reports The Pender Times

According to the paper:

“We found an ideal opportunity where both buyer and seller will greatly benefit from this transaction, and the timing was right for both companies,” Jensen said.

The sale allows Thurston Mfg. to focus efforts toward its other core business elements. Under the agreement, Thurston Mfg. will continue to operate its production of the side dump trailer line for 6 months for Demco. Demco will, in turn, market the trailer under the Circle R brand name through the Maurer dealer network throughout a transition period.

According to the companies, this will provide a smooth changeover with uninterrupted production and service for both firms and their respective customers.

It will also provide Thurston Mfg. time to transition its other product lines, some of which are unnannounced currently.

The Maurer brand also offers steel gondola trailers and steel end dump trailers that are utilized in the scrap and recycling industries.

According to the paper, Jensen said that the deal signed last week ensures that production lines in Thurston will continue at current capacity as the company prepares its continued focus on other current and future product lines.