Strip-till can be a difficult term to define because it can have multiple meanings and interpretations depending on the region or objectives with the specialized farming practice.


A systematic knowledge of strip-till will help size the right equipment to suit farmers’ needs.

More mainstream emphasis on soil health and sustainable farming offers an entry point into the strip-till business.

Understand standard setup and support of a strip-till unit and establish a strong relationship with strip-till suppliers.

But at its core, strip-till is about seedbed preparation and tilling a narrow path of soil to create an ideal pocket for planting. Selecting the right equipment and understanding the agronomic aspects of the practice are essential to success, both for farmers adopting the system and dealers supporting it.

While strip-till is a niche market, there are increasing opportunities and advantages for dealerships that invest in being knowledgeable resources for local farm customers. But to do so, retailers need to commit to strip-till as a system, not simply the machinery.

As shown by a 2015 National Strip-Tillage Conference attendee survey, only about 7% of strip-tillers view their farm equipment dealer as the most influential factor in equipment purchasing decisions.

In this special Farm Equipment report, we examine the profitability and potential in strip-till, sharing insight from dealers that are successfully selling and supporting the system, as well as farmers about what they want and expect from local retailers.

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