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Two Perspectives on Strip-Tillage

Dealers: Solid Potential for Growth in Sales & Service

Succeeding in this niche market goes beyond simply selling the equipment. It requires changes from both the dealer and the grower.
Chris Hopkins has been selling strip-till equipment and helping growers polish their strip-till skills for the past 8 years. He says that once they get the hang of it, they almost always stick with it because they can see its inherent benefits almost immediately. Convincing farmers to work with it in the first place is the bigger challenge.
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Two Perspectives on Strip-Tillage

Strip-till can be a difficult term to define because it can have multiple meanings and interpretations depending on the region or objectives with the specialized farming practice. But at its core, strip-till is about seedbed preparation and tilling a narrow path of soil to create an ideal pocket for planting. Selecting the right equipment and understanding the agronomic aspects of the practice are essential to success, both for farmers adopting the system and dealers supporting it.
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