Source: Small Business Trends

Successful company onboarding programs for new employees minimize paperwork and quickly integrate the new employee as part of the team. In an article for Small Business Trends, the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) gives its suggestions for how to make the most of the onboarding process:

  1. Automate Paperwork. Moving new employee paperwork online can help cut down on duplicated processes like entering the employee’s name, address and phone number on 10 different forms. The YEC writes that going electronic with employee information forms helps speed up this necessary, but often tedious process.

  2. Make Time to Soak it In. The YEC suggests giving new employees a 2 month period when they begin working to explore and soak in day-to-day life at the company. During this time period, new employees will learn and have a chance to master basic processes before diving into the deep end.

  3. Create a Company Wiki. A company wiki or online landing page with the company’s basic information and answers to frequently asked questions can serve as a helpful handbook to new employees in their first few days or weeks with a new company.

  4. Use a Buddy System. Pairing a seasoned employee with a new hire gives the employee a support system to quickly learn the ropes and company culture.

  5. Create a Checklist. Creating a checklist detailing by what date a new employee should learn tasks A, B and C and who is responsible for training the new employee on these tasks helps ensure nothing is being overlooked and keeps training on schedule.

  6. Enable Self-Guided Learning. Let new employees know what they will be expected to learn and where they can find the resources to teach themselves to help enable them to learn some tasks on their own.

  7. Meet Often. Having quick meetings with new employees allows them to ask any questions or clear up confusion throughout the onboarding process. The YEC says this also helps show new employees that the company cares about their progress and understanding.

  8. Use Videos. For any unique software or processes at the company, consider video taping step-by-step instructions on how to do each process. Employees can then spend time studying the videos when they have time and refer back to them whenever they need a refresher.

  9. Provide a Welcome Packet. The YEC suggests giving employees a welcome packet with information on the company and its goals for new employees to read in their first hour on their first day.

  10. Implement an Employee Shadowing Process. Allowing new employees to shadow different people from each department in the company helps new employees get a better sense of the company culture and gives them a better view of the company as a whole.

  11. Send Information in Advance. Give the new employee some background information on the job and company before they start working.