CHAMPAIGN, Ill — AHW LLC, a John Deere dealer serving northeastern and central Illinois plus western Indiana, announces the expansion of its John Deere bulk DEF program. They are now the only John Deere dealer in the region offering direct delivery of bulk DEF to farms or worksites. This new service will be available to any producer in the AHW service area.

According to Chris Savener, aftermarket manager for AHW, this new service, started earlier this year, will provide producers convenience and some important operational advantages. “First and foremost, having bulk DEF delivered is a time saver. This in-turn saves the customer money,” he said. “The Bulk DEF program has some unique opportunities and advantages that will be attractive to our customers. Bulk DEF is available in our stackable tote refillable tanks. The tote tanks are mobile, easy to meter, environmentally friendly and can be refilled onsite.”

“AHW is always innovating and adapting our services to provide the best possible solutions for our customers,” Savener continued. “Some customers may only have one piece of equipment that uses very little DEF, while others have multiple pieces of equipment that utilize several hundred gallons a season. Our goal is to provide quality John Deere DEF to all customers, whether its in 2.5 gallon containers or bulk delivery.”

“We believe the new direct delivery to the farm or worksite program will be a service that many producers will find beneficial. With our 13 locations, we are able to quickly and efficiently deliver to our customers within our service vicinity,” Savener said. “This is a huge advantage because it will save time and expense for the producer. We believe the benefits of this program are tremendous and will help our customers succeed in the field.”

AHW’s customers can choose the refillable 330 gallon Totes or portable dispensing units are also available in 65 and 120 gallon sizes and equipped with a 12V pumping system and 20’ hose with nozzle.

As the region’s largest John Deere dealer, AHW LLC delivers a full range of equipment, products, and services to agricultural producers in Northeastern and Central Illinois and Western Indiana.