Joe Alvarado, parts manager for the Delano, Calif., location of Kern Machinery, sees there are benefits to hiring "green" employees who have little experience in the ag industry. These fresh employees offer a "clean slate," according to Alvarado.

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Joe Alvarado

Helping 'Frontline' Employees Keep Customers Satisfied

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Years with the Organization:  9 — Started as a parts counter employee and was promoted to parts manager after 2 years. Prior to joining Kern Machinery he spent 9 years working the parts counter of a farm equipment and auto parts company in Tipton, Calif.  

Role: “Every team has to have a leader and that’s what I am for the parts department. You need to have someone you can bring your problems to, someone who can organize chaotic situations and get you going; someone who’s been in the business for a while, and someone, hopefully, who the team trusts, and I think that’s why I’m here.”

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