Joel Turrubiates, integrated solutions manager for Kern Machinery in Bakersfield, Calif., explains the dealerships efforts to incorporate the precision tools John Deere already offers into operations with permanent crops.

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Joel Turrubiates

Growing Into a Profitable Precision Niche

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Years with Organization: 2. After graduating in 2012 with a degree in business marketing, Joel Turrubiates spent several months working for a large corporate insurance agency, but wanted to apply his professional skillset to a more “hands-on” industry. He started with Kern Machinery’s Delano story in 2014 as an Ag Management Solutions (AMS) consultant. In March 2015, he was promoted to Integrated Solutions Manager, overseeing precision farming operations at the dealership’s 4 California stores, along with the 3 recently acquired Camp Equipment stores in Oregon and Idaho.

Role: “I’m in charge of our precision farming operations and do everything I can to contribute to the company. We’re in the business of providing service and support for our customers, and also being profitable. What I really enjoy about this job is I get to go out a lot and be out in the field and get my hands dirty.”

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