Gabriel Giesick, sales manager for the Buttonwillow, Calif., location of Kern Machinery, empowers his sales staff with the technology they need to prepare for and stay on top of scheduled appointments. This can be as simple as encouraging the use of Microsoft Outlook to stay organized.

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Gabriel Giesick

Permanent Crops Require an 'Anticipate & Forecast' Approach to Selling

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Years with Organization: Started at the Buttonwillow store in 2014; sold Deere construction and forestry equipment between 2008-13; prior to that, sold propane tanks to farmers across the western U.S.

Role: “I make real-time decisions daily that drive the ship forward. And what I mean by that is if there’s a long-term goal, there has to be someone in leadership who can see it and push the soldiers in that direction. I’m blessed with some very talented people out here who are not afraid to take chances and take care of the customer in doing so. So I provide that leadership.”

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