LACOMBE, Alta. — RENN Mill Center Inc. is proud to announce it has purchased the manufacturing and distribution rights to the popular Jiffy brand of agriculture equipment — including the Jiffy bale shredder, hay rake and harrow drawbar.

“We’ve been wanting to expand our product line for a while now,” says RENN President Doug Hilsabeck. “We’ve been looking for a brand of equipment that fits well with ours, in terms of proven quality and dependability that earns the trust of farmers. Jiffy has been a trusted name in agriculture for many years. We’re excited to expand our product offering with such a well-established and respected line of equipment.”

Hilsabeck adds, “To prepare for expansion, we’ve been increasing the size of our manufacturing facility and investing heavily in automation and robotics over the past five years. The result has been a significant increase in production capacity and manufacturing efficiency while ensuring the continued consistent quality of RENN products.”

Located east of Lacombe, Alta., RENN is an industry leader in grain processing equipment for livestock operations and grain bagging equipment for crop production. “Jiffy complements our product offering with its hay processing and crop production equipment, and lets us step into the hay production market with Jiffy hay rakes,” says Hilsabeck.

RENN purchased the Jiffy product line from ProAll International Mfg. Inc., an equipment manufacturer based in Olds, Alta., where Jiffy products have been manufactured since 1959. RENN also purchased the Pro-Care line of lawn maintenance equipment from ProAll as part of the deal.

Growing demand for ProAll’s Reimer concrete mixers has required the company to shift focus to the construction and industrial side of its business, and to find a new home for its Pro-Care and Jiffy product lines. “We had to make a choice; we couldn’t continue supporting both sides of the business,” says ProAll CEO Larry Koop.

‘A Natural Fit’

ProAll was determined to ensure the Jiffy name lives on, and Jiffy products continue to be manufactured to the same high quality that farmers have come to expect. “That’s why we are so pleased RENN is amalgamating the Jiffy product line into their business,” says Koop.

“Jiffy and RENN are a natural fit,” he explains. “Both are premium brands that have been around for a long time — RENN for more than 60 years, and Jiffy for more than 50. Both product lines are well known for quality engineering and manufacturing, as well as reliability and low-maintenance requirements.”

Jiffy Product Distribution Will Expand

Koop adds, “RENN has a leading-edge manufacturing facility very similar to ours. We know first-hand the quality that goes into their products. They also have a wide and robust distribution and support network that will make Jiffy products more available than ever to farmers across North America and around the world. That’s great news for Jiffy customers.”

RENN products are sold to farmers in more than 20 countries worldwide, including Canada, the U.S., the U.K., Ireland, Australia and Eastern Europe. Jiffy products are currently distributed across North America. RENN will merge the two distribution networks, expanding the market access to both brands — and giving farmers much greater access to both product lines.

“It’s a win-win for Jiffy and RENN, and most of all, for our customers,” says Hilsabeck.