S3 Air Systems, of Swift Current, Sask., has acquired the rights to manufacture and sell the Haukaas Bin Door Inserts. The product, renamed “The Portal” will be on display at the upcoming Thanks for Farming Tours in Lethbridge, Alta., July 7-8; Swift Current, Sask., July 13-14; and Brandon, Man., July 28- 29t.

“Grain handling solutions should be simple. The Portal is an easy solution that eliminates the hassle of having an auger stuck in a bin or needing to clean up grain that has spilled onto the ground. Any day you can avoid starting your auger under load is a good day,” says Al Marques, general manager of S3 Air Systems.

Though side unloading bins isn’t ideal for every circumstance, the Portal was designed to remove a single load from a bin easily and without a mess by eliminating the need to insert an auger into the bin. On most grain bins, the Portal simply hangs onto the bin door’s center bar and the weight of the grain on the insert holds it securely in place with no product leakage. Of steel construction and a powdercoat finish, the Portal is durable and robust, maintaining a tighter seal when using aeration and keeping out nasty rodents.

“The Haukaas Bin Door Inserts were a smart idea brought to life by a great company. I have a tremendous amount of respect for the Haukaas family and the incredible innovations they pioneered in our industry. I am pretty excited to have the opportunity to bring the Portal back to the market,” adds Richelle Andreas, CEO of S3.

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