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This “Inside The Dealer Executive Roundtable” eGuide provides a variety of unique but effective perspectives on how to handle key obstacles facing every dealership in the industry FREE!

Dear Farm Equipment Executive,

With commodity prices down and used equipment inventories up, the outlook for ag equipment sales continues to look sluggish. As a dealership owner, you can’t afford to sit back and let the market dictate your success.

That's why we gathered four of the top dealer executives in the ag equipment industry together for a candid, roundtable discussion over dinner and drinks on pressing issues like inventory, return on investment and relationships with the majors. The four guests represent dealerships from all corners of the country and combined for $1.5 billion in sales in 2014.

  • Steve Connelly, vice president of Midwest Agriculture, RDO Equipment (70 US stores, 32 International, 2010 Farm Equipment Dealership of the Year)
  • Leo Johnson, partner, Johnson Tractor Inc. (4 stores, 2012 Farm Equipment Dealership of the Year)
  • Clint Schnoor, president, Agri-Service LLC (11 stores, 2012 Farm Equipment Best-in-Class Dealership)
  • Mark Foster, regional manager, Birkey’s Farm Store (14 stores, 2007 Farm Equipment Dealership of the Year)

Detailed tips from successful executives, compiled by the most trusted name in farm equipment.

Included in this eGuide is a series of first-hand accounts on how some of North America’s leading dealers have tackled the major challenges facing today’s farm equipment dealerships. Complementing the advice are personal accounts, stories and examples helping to solidify their reasoning for success. These four dealer executives have led their businesses to success, as all four dealerships having received Dealership of the Year honors from Farm Equipment.

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Inside The Dealer Executive Roundtable is an in-depth eGuide that brings you to the table for a high level discussion with industry-leading dealers on the biggest issues facing the farm equipment industry today. It is a straightforward, honest and provides solutions you can start implementing today. In fact, this eGuide is designed to help you...

  • Learn how 4 of the industry’s top dealers are tackling issues like excess used equipment inventory.
  • Understand the alternatives to market share when it comes measuring a dealership’s success.
  • Determine the best place to invest in your dealership and gain the greatest return on investment.
  • Discover the truths to running a successful dealership and the role relationships plays in that success.

There's no doubt that you're extremely busy. But, you and I both know the risk of not embracing practices that will improve your business. Talking and listening to other dealers who know what it’s like to be in your shoes is key to growing as a leader in your dealership, community and the industry. This report brings the discussion to you.

Consider this:

  • The eGuide offers advice from executives from both large multi-store all the way to a 4-store operation. No matter your business size, there’s a relatable takeaway for you on multiple issues.
  • The roundtable setup allowed for not only unique perspectives from the executives, but the opportunity to build off of each other’s points and solidify them.
  • The eGuide is presented in the same Q&A format used during the dinner to provide a candid, unfiltered dialog on current hot button issues.

We understand that it can be challenging for dealer executives to get away from the store to engage in these types of dialogues. That's why we're offering you this inside view of what can be gained from these peer meetings in this FREE eGuide.

Farm Equipment is dedicated entirely to helping dealers understand the trends, data and analysis impacting the farm equipment market. Editors make it their job to know the score, and to help progressive leaders improve their operations.

The report touches up on a wide array of subtopics regarding major financial decisions facing every dealership, starting with inventory management and going all the way through optimal returns on investment, down to the dollar. Would you like to know their answers to:

  • With the high levels of used inventories in high horsepower tractors, what is your approach to get aged equipment moved?
  • What could your major-line do to help you navigate through your used inventory problems?
  • What measuring stick best evaluates?
  • Where is the best place to spend your investment for ROI?
  • What's the one truth about running the business you can share with your next generation?

How would you answer these questions? How do your answers compare to others in the industry?

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First-hand accounts from industry leaders compiled by the experts

This eGuide includes advice, personal anecdotes and reflections from dealers like you who are facing similar challenges every day. Their insights on used equipment inventory, their relationships with their major line, market share and investing back in the business can be applied to your business as well.

Here are a few more examples of what these dealers shared in the eGuide that you can take back to your own dealership as you look ahead to the next fiscal year and beyond:

  1. Create a multifaceted evaluation system for your parts and service departments to ensure you are providing the highest level of customer service possible.
  2. Facilities are the best investments as new shops lead to exponential growth, branching out your parts business.
  3. People buy from people, so managers need to get out from behind the desk and establish genuine relationships to make a lasting impact.

And that's just the beginning. When you look at these ideas from leading dealers through your dealership’s eyes, you’ll discover news and innovative ways to take your business to the next level.

Takeaways to keep the conversation going back at your dealership

In addition to the first-hand accounts the eGuide delivers, it also provides actionable takeaways that you and your team can use today:

  • Evaluate inefficiencies in the sales process on used equipment by connecting the phone number on an ad directly to the salesperson who took the trade in and linking online ads to that individual as well.
  • Make capital investments that improve efficiency and safety that will deliver huge bottom-line savings — and keep techs productive and happy.
  • Add incentives for both the salesperson and the sales manager on your most concerning aged inventory to get it moved.

These are just some of the takeaways you'll find by downloading this free eGuide and reviewing it over lunch or your morning coffee.

Here's a few more...

  • Identify those aged units that need to go first and send out weekly emails on them to your customer base.
  • Take advantage of the “win/win” deals manufacturers toss out.
  • Invest in training/development and recruiting to ensure you have the right people in the right places.
  • You have to maintain balance in everything you do in the dealership, from people to finances.

By now, I'm sure you recognize the kind of value this eGuide can have on your operation. If you want your company to be a leader in the industry, you can’t overlook this eGuide! And since you’ve taken the time and effort to read this, you’re obviously a person who values how to improve and grow the mark you’ve already made as a farm equipment business.

This means you’re exactly who we’re trying to reach with Inside The Dealer Executive Roundtable. An informed and knowledgeable person your team wants out of a leader.

If you're a business owner today, you know how valuable eGuides like this are to foster dialogue and new ideas. If you’re still developing as a dealership manager, who better to learn from than the most successful dealers who’ve been forged by the fire. Either way, what better way to move forward than with this comprehensive, authoritative — FREE — eGuide?

Do you want to find a way to rise about the competition and maximize your efficiency?

Are you searching for the best techniques for inventory management, returns on investments and business evaluation?

Do you realize that in the current market the same old approaches aren’t going to get the job done?

Download this eGuide, free of charge, and embark on your journey toward the perfect business plan.

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Yours for a better farm equipment industry,

Dave Kanicki

Dave Kanicki, Executive Editor

Dave is the Executive Editor of Farm Equipment, and the Editor/Publisher of Ag Equipment Intelligence and related properties.

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PSS: There are a number of key areas to invest in your business. Find out the areas with the highest ROI by reading this free eGuide now.

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