BILLINGS, Mont. — Independent strategic planning consultants and national project coordinators, Melody Dobson and Jody Lamp, announce the launch of their new joint-agriculture advocacy venture called the American Doorstop Project, and name Nebraska-based John Deere farm equipment dealer 21st Century Equipment LLC as one of its first Agrarian Ambassador Sponsors.

With 17 John Deere equipment dealerships in Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska, the 21st Century Equipment LLC Corporate Support Center at 601 5th Ave., Scottsbluff, Neb., will serve as the centrally-located national headquarters for the American Doorstop Project, as the team travels the U.S. to research, collect and preserve the stories that shaped the development of American agriculture through the agrarian discipline.

“As a company, 21st Century Equipment LLC recognizes the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of the customers we serve,” says CEO Owen Palm. “So, we applaud and support the efforts of the American Doorstop Project team as they bring agriculture stories to the forefront and develop even more education tools for consumers to understand those that work the land.”

As the creators of, Dobson and Lamp also recently worked with filmmaker Conrad Weaver of ConjoStudios LLC, serving as national coordinators for the Great American Wheat Harvest documentary film, which received a 2015 Mid-America Regional EMMY Award for Best Documentary — Cultural. The team currently works as the strategic planning partners for the U.S. Custom Harvesters Inc., and will help the organization launch its Strategic Plan 2016-2020.

“We are honored to work with Agrarian Ambassador Sponsors, like 21st Century Equipment, who have a direct connection to the import role agriculture has played in America’s past, present and future,” Lamp says. “They understand the disciplines and needs for the industry to continue producing food for a continually growing population.”

The American Doorstop Project stories will be featured in large-format book with accompanying website, video vignettes, social media links and pages, national and community engagement events, signage and oral history narratives.

“Once completed and throughout the process, this project will connect presenters, public speakers, educators, docents and students with historical facts and narratives that provide insight to our country’s beautiful heritage,” Dobson says. “The stories we will share come from a deep understanding and appreciation for our own heritage and a desire to learn more about others and to help tell their stories.”

Dobson and Lamp bring a collective 40-plus years of professional communication experience and historical preservation knowledge. They work to create relationships of integrity that build the "esprit de corps” necessary to launch and fulfill the strategic plan and fund development program identified for a phase one project completion by Spring 2017.

To learn more about the American Doorstop Project and to find out about how you can make a financial contribution to help honor the legacies of our past and shed light on our nation’s agricultural history, visit the website. For more information about sponsorship packages, media interviews or speaking appearances, call Jody L. Lamp, at (406) 698-9675 or by email

About American Doorstop Project
The American Doorstop Project is a joint-venture agriculture advocacy collaboration between independent national coordinators, Melody Dobson and Jody L. Lamp. The project preserves and promotes historical places, spaces and events that have shaped our country over the past hundreds of years. American Doorstop Project features a collection of stories that were instrumental in shaping America’s agricultural roots and had they not happened, America, as we know it, would be different than it is today. The strategic plan and fund development program for a project phase one completion is planned for Spring 2017.