Last week, Deere & Co. issued its retail sales comment for May. Compared to the industry, Deere reported its North American sales were down more than the industry in the utility tractor category and down less than the industry in the other major tractor categories, but up a single digit in combine sales. 

On June 10, the Assn. of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) reported that sales of utility tractors were down by 14%, 2WD tractors over 100 horsepower were down by 32% and 4WD tractor were down by 45%. Combine sales fell 18% in May.

Regarding equipment inventories, Deere also reported that inventories of all four equipment categories were less than the overall industry average. AEM reported that inventory of utility tractors was 54% of the trailing 12 months of retail sales. The backlog of 2WD tractors over 100 horsepower was 37%, 4WD tractors 26% and the inventory of combines was 24%.

For selected turn and utility equipment in the U.S. and Canada, May 2015 retail sales were up by a single digit.