AG-NAV’s new ground-based spray guidance program uses a GPS enabled Panasonic Toughpad FZ-B2, IP 65 rated rugged tablet to record spray data and make it accessible via the Bluetooth Low Energy wireless connection and proprietary software to all stakeholders. 

Designed for boom spraying boundary/sensitive areas, the GroundNav generates sub meter data for each swath, crop and season shareable between devices and operators using the latest Android software.

It helps growers know when, where and how much is sprayed near marshes and rivers, residences and public areas. It can be mounted on an ATV or in the backpack harness. The 7-inch sun-readable touch screen tablet supports five touch modes, including gloved touch. 

TheGroundNav can minimize spray drift as part of a proactive Integrated Pest Management strategy. 

The wireless component facilitates instant connection between application modes: backpack, ATV and even airplane if users are equipped with an AG-NAV aerial system, ensuring plant protection efforts are timely and thorough.

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