The new SeedMaster Axis tablet is an 8-inch touch-screen tablet that comes preloaded with a host of custom-designed apps to help provide control over the entire seeding operation. The SeedMaster Axis tablet apps include a direct link to the SeedMaster website and remote support, which allows dealers to view the tablet screen in real time from a remote location for troubleshooting and software updates. The tablet also includes video tutorials, manuals and farm news.

The SmartFill app for the Axis tablet comes with a wireless conveyor control and delivers faster fill times by automatically closing gate control on the truck or trailer when the tank is full or has reached a specific weight. It also averages the field requirement for each tank fill and moves the conveyor to the pre-fill location. The SmartFill app will be available in September 2016.

The Seed Rate Calculator app rapidly calculates a seed rate to achieve a desired plant population within a given field. It calculates how many pounds of seed are required and the associated total cost.

The SeedMaster Calibration Estimator app provides an estimated calibration number for a specific product being metered, meter type used and the drill width. The BinMaster app helps growers manage their fertilizer bin inventory. As granular product is filled into the Nova tank, the farm yard inventory is adjusted. This app will also be available starting in September 2016.

The Axis tablet also works in conjunction with the SeedMaster 360° Mobile Monitoring system, which allows growers to quickly diagnose a problem without leaving the tractor. The SeedMaster 360° Mobile Monitoring system works with the Axis tablet to monitor the SeedMaster drill and Nova cart from all angles. Up to eight wireless video cameras can be monitored from the Axis tablet. Five water-proof cameras come standard as part of the kit, with the option to purchase up to three additional cameras separately. The cameras can also be used at night with an infrared night vision mode. The tablet allows growers to view each camera at preset intervals in its auto-scroll mode.

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