Kar-Tech Introduces Compact Series  Mini-Bellypack Wireless Transmitter

Kar-Tech’s all new Compact series is a new small, powerful mini-bellypack style wireless radio transmitter that is configurable with many switches, joysticks and displays for OEM applications. The sides are commonly configured with key switches, pushbuttons for RPM control and tether connectors. The Compact series is customizable and is designed upon request.

An ARM processor-based circuit board, solid aluminum rails and a gasket-sealed, glass-filled nylon enclosure make this transmitter equally smart and durable. It is durable at any temperature — arctic or equatorial.

The Compact series’ electronics are high-spec SMT. Twenty hours of actively transmitting operating life is the typical minimum with the Compact’s internal lithium-polymer batteries, which are easy to charge over a CAN cable. The Compact series remote is manufactured in the U.S.

For more information, visit Kar-Tech.com.