The 1700 Series tractors, building upon the success of the popular 1600 Series, deliver sophistication, comfort and performance in a versatile, durable package usually found only in full-size models. The tractors feature new, clean-burning Tier 4-compliant turbo-charged diesel engines that provide excellent performance and reliability.

“Operators today are looking for a comfortable tractor that is productive and powerful, yet efficient, regardless of what type of work they’re doing,” says David Bercik, product marketing manager for Massey Ferguson. “These newly designed 1700 Series tractors deliver exactly that.”

The Series offers six models from 35 to 60 gross engine horsepower, all featuring four-wheel drive, the option of a cab or open platform, a choice of two transmissions, plus rear and/or mid PTOs, making it easy for operators

to choose the perfect tractor for the job. Those attending the Farm Progress Show can stop by the AGCO lot and see these productive tractors in person.

New Turbo-Charged Mitsubishi Engines

The new line of Mitsubishi diesel engines powering the 1700 Series brings turbo-charged power to compact tractors, providing operators a new level of responsive power and efficiency. The engines benefit from advanced intercooling and a new high-pressure common-rail (HPCR) system for smoother power delivery and a more complete fuel burn. Electronic engine-management monitors adjust fuel functions to keep fuel consumption low without sacrificing power. Models MF1736, MF1742 and MF1749 feature three-cylinder, 1.7-liter diesel engines with 36.2, 41.6 and 48.3 horsepower, respectively. Models MF1754, MF1758 and MF1759 are powered by four-cylinder, 2.2-liter engines offering 53.6, 59 and 59 horsepower, respectively.

All models also include a 540 RPM independent rear PTO with electro-hydraulic engagement and a wet multi-disc clutch, built to deliver greater durability and smoother engagements.

The new engines also meet the stringent Tier 4 emission requirements by way of a newly designed diesel particulate filter (DPF) that removes harmful soot and particulate matter from the exhaust. These new DPFs regenerate themselves automatically using the engine’s heat to oxidize the particulate matter into a gas during operation, with little to no effort on behalf of the operator and no additional cost for a replacement filter.

Transmission Options

Operators can choose between a classic 12x12 power shuttle transmission or a more-advanced hydrostatic transmission (HST). For those who prefer a traditional transmission, the 12x12 power shuttle has four synchronized gears and three non-synchronized ranges for a wide array of speed options. When quick direction changes are needed, an electronically controlled, wet multi-disc clutch lets the operator shuttle the tractor, changing the direction of travel simply by flipping a lever rather than using the foot clutch.

The more-advanced HST transmission offers even simpler operation, allowing drivers to focus on the task at hand. The HST empowers operators to vary work and travel speeds infinitely, without shifting gears, for more precise control and reduced fatigue over long days on the job.

“The 1700 Series tractors with HST transmission are as simple to drive as a car,” says Bercik. “Two pedals by the operator’s right foot provide easy control — one for direction, the other for speed.”

The HST also offers advanced controls at an easy arm’s reach. Max Speed Control adjusts the tractor’s top speed, providing tighter control over a precise speed range. Response Control allows the operator to set how aggressively the transmission reacts to input, providing a personalized balance between comfort and power. Electronic Cruise Control enables the operator to conveniently set a constant speed without mechanical levers. And Stall Guard electronically monitors engine performance to automatically adjust speed for situational power to prevent engine stall. “These features, standard with the new HST, are bound to save operators frustration and enhance productivity,” says Bercik.

Operator Comfort

The 1700 Series compact tractors come in either open-platform or cab configurations, so operators can choose which is appropriate for the task at hand. Both offer a suspended seat with tilt steering. The analog and digital dash display is easy to read at a glance, while the right-hand console keeps the remote valve, rear three-point hitch control levers and loader joystick within reach.

For those wanting a more comfortable, climate-controlled environment, the 1700 Series cab features an all-glass enclosure and an HVAC system to keep operators cool and dry. The six-post cab offers great visibility and has twin doors for convenient entry and exit on either side.

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