The Agility White Space Radio (AWR) eliminates the constraints most wireless deployments face today such as challenging terrains, current propagation limitations and congestion of other unlicensed frequencies (900 MHz, 2.4 GHz, and 4.9 GHz).

Operating on newly available TV White Space frequencies, the AWR delivers better propagation characteristics for NLOS coverage, improved signal penetration through buildings and foliage, and enables a wide variety of wireless applications for many industries.

These qualities allow wireless operators to experience a more cost effective solution as the inherent bandwidth and NLOS coverage of the AWR utilizing TV White Space frequencies allow for fewer devices to be deployed and a better quality of service for both customers and mission critical applications.

The AWR has been deployed in a host of settings and environments showcasing the features, benefits and economic impact of this radio solution.

 FCC Certified White Space Radio

Variable Broadband Data Rates up to 3.25 Mbps


Ethernet: IP Enabled for Over-the-Air Software Updates


Rugged Outdoor Form Factor