Agriculture is constantly evolving, and being able to make informed decisions with real-time information is transforming today’s farming. New Holland is integrating technology that will keep farm managers connected with their fleets, enabling producers to optimize fleet productivity, utilization and logistics. The new advanced PLMConnect telematics allows producers to receive real-time information on every machine working in their fields, so that they can use that data to make informed SMART farm management decisions that improve productivity and efficiency.New Holland is integratechnology that will keep farm anagers

“New Holland PLM Connect telematics technology is truly a SMART management tool,” says Mark Hooper, director of marketing for New Holland, North America. “By having access to real-time data from their equipment, farm managers have vital information they need to make solid management decisions that help boost the efficiency of their operation.” 

New Holland PLM Connect is the next best thing to sitting next to the operator. Those tasked with managing equipment in the field can patch into the operation and monitor progress via an online dashboard. This can help maximize uptime, improve productivity and efficiency and even help optimize fuel use. Communication between the operator and those tasked with management is enhanced, a real plus when working with operators with varied levels of experience and within tight time schedules.

PLM Connect provides a connectivity platform between the farm operation and equipment fleet.  It enables producers to remotely monitor their equipment through a centralized web portal in their farm office, or on-the-go through a tablet or smart phone device. The messaging feature enables farm managers to optimize the machine settings on one piece of equipment and quickly communicate those settings to other operators in the fleet. They can also receive alerts when maintenance is due, or when an issue arises with their equipment. They can partner with their New Holland dealer to proactively prevent maintenance issues, or quickly resolve issues, ensuring their machines stay running during the most critical times.

PLM Connect is available in two levels: Essential and Professional. Both packages update information every minute and provide real-time access. The Essential package provides fleet management capabilities, maintenance alerts, geo-fencing and curfews, reporting and the flexibility to work with both New Holland and other brands of equipment. The Professional package provides all of the Essential package features plus the ability to access the machine’s CANBUS system for remote monitoring of machine parameters for optimizing fleet productivity and for quickly troubleshooting any issues that may arise.