Service technicians who repair the Lexion combine have regularly attended classes to stay abreast of the most recent updates to the cutting edge harvesting equipment and to learn new diagnostic techniques.

Lexion Top Gun TechsFor the first time ever, Claas has added a graduate-level Lexion service training course to its repertoire — and invited six elite Lexion service techs from a group of 20 nominations to take part in the week-long event.

The "Top Gun" event brought service techs together from across the country for intensive classroom and hands-on training, including a series of tests designed to challenge even the most knowledgeable technicians. The 2014 Top Gun class was represented by the following hand-picked service technicians:

  • Bevan Bromley, Toromont CAT, Brandon, Manitoba
  • Ryan Engel, Nebraska Harvest Center, Seward, Neb.
  • James Cain, Thompson Machinery
  • Jeremiah Butler, Whayne Supply
  • Greg Ramsey, Holt of California
  • Brian Rasco, Tingley’s Harvest Center

In a very close competition, Bevan Bromley, Toromont Equipment Field Service Tech and Lead Hand for Ag Products out of Brandon, Manitoba, took home the first-ever Lexion service Top Gun trophy. The contest, which included two different classroom exams and six different real-world repair challenges, was very tight. In the end, Bevan’s many years of experience gave him the edge.

“I’ve been servicing Lexion combines at Toromont for 16 years ... ever since the first two Lexion combines were purchased in the Province of Manitoba. Back then, we were selling the original “400 Series” combines,” explained Bromley. A lot has changed between then and now, but the Lexion’s reputation for high throughput and excellent performance has remained the same.

“Only the top 1% of all Lexion service techs were even invited to attend this event, so making the list is an honor itself. Our goal was to hone the skills of these top experts, so that they in turn could teach others in their own service departments what they learned,” explained Cristoph Nathan, North American service manager.

“The technicians had 80 minutes to diagnose and fix each of the six problems, as well as write up a proper warranty claim,” said Nathan. “We would like to congratulate all of the Top Gun participants and especially Bevan Bromley for his hard fought victory in this competition.”

The select group of technicians were given a series of tests and challenges on a wide range of Lexion combine harvester models, from a few early models that are still running strong in some fields, to the company’s most recent 700 Series models. According to Nathan, it’s important that the technicians are well versed on all different types of Lexion models. “There are many older models that are still running strong and a whole fleet of new models with advanced features. It’s important our service techs understand both.”