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Dealership Minds Summit 2017

[Video] Dealer-to-Dealer Panel: After the Trade-In: Immediate Actions for Getting It Back Into the Market

A salesperson takes a used unit in on trade. Now what? If you don’t have a plan for what happens next — starting that same day — you’re already losing. Experts say having a detailed plan — with accountability — on how quickly the unit is cleaned up and serviced, photographed, listed, etc., will do wonders for inventory turns. During this dealer-to-dealer panel, 4 seasoned dealers will share their internal systems to keep attention on traded equipment and get it back out into the market ASAP.
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My Greatest Mistake: Kent Buchholz

Finance Manager & Sales, Kennedy Implement, Philip, S.D. (2012 Dealership of the Year)
“Own everything you do or don’t do. Good or bad times don’t matter; every decision made, or not made, must be owned up to. It might be something incorrect that someone else in the dealership said to a customer, or as simple as not calling someone back. Either way, you must be willing to ‘own’ it — because your reputation is at stake.
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Understanding What ‘Accountable’ Means

At the end of a meeting, most leaders know that they should recap next steps and determine who is accountable for each. As prescribed in the commonly used responsibility models — RACI, RAPID and the others — accountability should fall to one (and only one) person per item, even if the work involved requires input and contributions from others.
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Wider World of Business

How to Nurture Accountability with Employees

Organizations are made up of teams and individuals who execute specific tasks to drive a greater, overarching business goal. However, the link between individual actions and broader organizational goals is often unclear. Most employees, including leaders, do not realize the impact that their actions (or lack of) can have on business operations.
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