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Adapting to Situations & Moving Forward

Godfrey Bros. owner Kevin Godfrey takes the changes manufacturers throw his way in stride. Market changes can have a big impact on equipment sales, but Godfrey says you have to adapt and find creative ways to keep business moving forward. The dealership adapts to the changes and keeps the focus on customer service and doing its best to keep its market share up.
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Advantages of Avoiding MUD Deals

Godfrey Bros. owner Kevin Godfrey says that with large equipment being so large, it's increasingly difficult to find buyers for used class 9 combines, 26-row planters, large sprayers and other large equipment. By dealing with customers who are only buying one or two pieces of equipment a year, Godfrey Bros. avoids MUD deals and has customers who are much more brand loyal and not simply buying on price.
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Developing a Company Culture Based on Sharing & Teamwork

Godfrey Bros. in Jonesville, Mich., looks for people who are willing and able to learn when looking for new employees. Kevin Godfrey, owner, says the dealership builds a culture based on sharing and teamwork by focusing on how to solve problems and ensure they don't happen again. Each department works together to make sure the customer's needs are met to ensure they return to Godfrey Bros.
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Finding & Keeping Good Employees

Godfrey Bros., a John Deere dealership in Jonesville, Mich., strives to make every job in the company a quality position to attract good employees. Owner Kevin Godfrey says the dealership provides healthcare benefits, profit sharing programs, investment programs and top wages on top of a good work environment.
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How to Survive & Thrive in this Industry

Godfrey Bros. owner Kevin Godfrey discusses what it takes to not only survive but to thrive in the farm equipment dealership industry. The dealership focuses on the 3 P's - people, product and process - and how they work together along with high-quality customer service to reach its goals and be successful.
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Larger Isn't Always Better

Godfrey Bros. owner Kevin Godfrey says the dealership's success in terms of sales growth and customer service while being surrounded by other larger John Deere dealers in Michigan proves that larger isn't always better.
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Top 2 Aspects in the Dealership to Watch

Kevin Godfrey, owner of Godfrey Bros., says that the two most important things to watch right now are inventory and finding good employees. There is a lot of money that can go into inventory and you have to be careful that your inventory doesn't end up costing you money, says Godfrey. As for finding the right employees, Godfrey says that it is important that you find employees who can keep up with the changing technology.
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2014 Dealership of the Year Award Winner: Godfrey Bros

Single-store dealers who handle John Deere farm equipment are becoming a vanishing breed. Kevin Godfrey knows this. He also knows other small Deere dealers who have been squeezed out of the business to make way for the company's "bigger is better" model for its retailers. He's feeling the pressure and understands the push for larger multi-location dealerships isn't going to go away; it's how Deere wants it.
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