BROOKFIELD, Wis. — The first edition of Strip-Till Strategies email newsletter by the editors of Farm Equipment and No-Till Farmer went live on January 15, officially released during the National No-Tillage Conference in Des Moines.

Strip-tillage is a fast-growing, conservation-tillage method that marries the soil drying and warming benefits of conventional tillage with the soil-protecting advantages of no-till. Because the farmer can apply fertilizer at the same time as tillage, field passes can be reduced. Because strip-tillage disturbs soil only in the 8- to 10-inch-wide seed row, it meets definitions as a no-tillage practice.

"We understand the informational void that exists on strip-tillage, particularly when conventional-tillage farmers aim to reduce the amount of tillage in their operations," says Frank Lessiter, chairman, Lessiter Publications. "Through our editorial approach of delivering practical, 'what-works-for-me' information, we'll provide a trusted resource to help farmers and dealers better understand the method, its opportunities and challenges, and how to make it succeed in local conditions."

The January 15 debut issue of Strip-Till Strategies contained the following articles:

  • Editor's Note: Dan Zinkand
  • Savvy Soil Sampling Needed For Strip-Till
  • Avoid Spring Strip-Till's Costliest Mistakes
  • Wisconsin Researchers Examine Strip-Till Options
  • Switch To Strip-Till Boosts Worm Activity
  • Strip-Till Feedback: How deep are you placing your applied fertilizer and with what type of attachments?
  • Corn, Sunflowers Respond To Strip-Till
  • Minnesota Researchers See Some Strip-Till Benefits
  • New Product: Krause Gladiator Precision Tillage System

The next edition of Strip-Till Strategies will be distributed January 29. Individuals can still receive the free e-mail newsletter by registering at For a limited time, first-time registrants will receive a free 24-page special management report, "Strip-Tilling Away Cold Soil Concerns," ($13.90 value).

Supporting Strip-Till Strategies are four exclusive leading ag partners: Blu-Jet, Ag Leader, Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers and IRON Solutions.

For more information, contact:

  • Darrell Bruggink, Executive Editor/Publisher, No-Till Farmer/Conservation Tillage Guide, at, 800-645-8455, ext. 420.
  • Mike Lessiter, Editor/Publisher, Farm Equipment, at, 800-645-8455, ext. 403