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What makes the best farm equipment dealerships successful? Now, you can learn first-hand from the industry’s finest farm equipment professionals through Farm Equipment’s newest video series at

This all-new 12-part video series features Farm Equipment’s 2011 Dealerships of the Year, Janson Equipment and JayDee AgTech.

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JayDee AgTech

JayDee AgTech is a nine-store John Deere dealer group throughout in Saskatchewan, Canada.

In this six segment video series, JayDee AgTech’s four owners share their innovative approach to integrating precision farming, the key metrics they use to guide their business decisions, the impact of regional diversification, why they stress customer satisfaction, what receiving the 2011 Dealership Award means to them, and what is next for the dealership.

Janson Equipment Co.

Janson Equipment Company is a three-store Case IH dealership in central Michigan.

In six video segments, Tom and Steven Janson discuss how they address competition, why they stress managing obsolete Inventory, how they go about maximizing recovery rates, their emphasis on building ROA with solid absorption rates, their experience in becoming a multi-store company, and why today they’re managing by the balance sheet.

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