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PhiBer Manufacturing Launches New Vertical Stacking Accumulator

PhiBer introduces its vertical stacking accumulator to help increase profit margins and efficiency for hay producers around the world. 

The vertical stacker will significantly reduce the time it takes to pick large square bales, the company says. In return, labor and fuel costs are greatly reduced. Over the years PhiBer has done different studies on the time it takes to pick bales in the field.

The new vertical stacking accumulator from PhiBer has cut the bale handling time in as much as half over traditional accumulation methods. The neat stacks of three 3x4 or two 4x4 bales make for faster handling. For the first time in industry history, the loader operator does not come to a complete stop to pick up the stack of bales but merely slows down to grab the stack of bales with a standard big bale spear.

The vertical stacking accumulator has been designed to fit on all major brands of balers that are 48 inches (120cm) wide. PhiBer has also designed a new bale spear to complement the stacks of bales and is designed for the strength of payloaders and telehandlers.  

Derek Friesen, vice president of marketing and product development for PhiBer says, “This vertical stacking accumulator is a product we have been testing for half a decade. Many changes have been made over the years as we have tested it in some of the worst conditions we could find from our previous accumulator experience. Today we are excited about the product we have, the response from customers has been exceedingly positive.”