Mangled tractors, broken grain carts, and dirt now fill the lot where Grossenburg Implement used to stand. It's the result of the tornado that swept through Wayne, Nebraska.

"Almost everything here got destroyed," Grossenburg Implement General Manager Dave Olson said.

But, the company wouldn't let any of that stop business during one of their busiest times, harvest season.

"We're a John Deere dealer, we were in the middle of combining season, we were harvesting corn and soybeans, we had to stay in business, we had to have a plan," Olson said.

Following the tornado, Grossenburg Implement picked up and got back to work. They immediately built a new service building at their original location, so they can keep serving their customers.

Along with this building, Olson said they also, "rented temporary office space, which we are using for parts and sales area. We're still serving our customer base, and that's why we had to get it going right away because we needed to do that," Olson said.

The 32 employees that work for the company that sells John Deere equipment, irrigation systems, and grain bins are now working out of five different locations, all within 30 miles of Wayne. And, Olson said even though mother nature took everything away from them, they are capitalizing on their opportunity to rebuild.

"We're building bigger and better. The building that the tornado destroyed was built in 1975. Agriculture has changed a lot since 1975, so we need a bigger building and a better building" Olson said.

Olson said if they get lucky with the weather this winter, they hope to have the new building ready for business by spring.