Iowa State University honors Jon Kinzenbaw for outstanding achievements in agriculture

Jon Kinzenbaw, founder and president of Kinze Manufacturing Inc., was awarded the George Washington Carver Distinguished Service award at Iowa State University's Alumni Assn. Honors and Awards Ceremony on November 8. This award presented by the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences was established to onor Iowa State alumni and friends for outstanding achievements in the agricultural, food, environmental, social and life sciences.

"It is an honor to be selected for this prestigious award," Kinzenbaw said. "Iowa State is a huge supporter of the agriculture industry and it means a lot to be recognized."

In 1965 Kinzenbaw opened a small welding shop in Victor, Iowa. Invention by invention, this welding shop grew into one of the largest agricultural equipment manufacturers in North America. He has been named inventor of 19 patents for Kinze Manufacturing Inc., and the company has numerous additional patents. Inventions such as the single-axle low-profile grain cart and the folding planter have helped revolutionize modern planting and harvesting processes.

Prior to this, Kinzenbaw was awarded the Governor's New Product Award by the Iowa Engineering Society, Friends of Agriculture Award from the National Agri-Marketing Assn. and has been inducted in to the Inventor's Hall of Fame by the Intellectual Property Law Association. 

About Kinze Manufacturing

Founded more than 48 years ago on the premise of innovation, Kinze Manufacturing Inc., markets its planters and grain carts globally and is known for a number of industry "firsts." Kinze operates with core values of integrity, customer focus, excellence, innovation and mutual respect. Kinze Manufacturing is the recognized technology leader and innovator of planters for row-crop production and grain auger carts. Kinze employees spend their nights and weekends farming, putting them in a unique position to be both manufacturers and customers of the planters and grain carts they build. For more information, visit the Kinze Manufacturing website at