As of October 28, 2013 Montag Manufacturing Inc. of Emmetsburg, Iowa, will supply Bigham Brothers Inc. of Lubbock, Texas, with its fertilizer metering systems. The Montag system will be customized for use with Bigham equipment, giving their customers the opportunity to purchase a complete tillage package with dry or liquid fertilizer placement options. Together, we are helping our customers reap the benefits of banding fertilizer applied during a tillage pass. 

Bigham manufactures and markets a wide range of agricultural tillage, cultivating and harvest equipment, helping the farmer gain maximum crop production while conserving valuable resources. The company markets its products in the U.S. through its dealer network, and to other countries in cooperation with partner firms. They serve producers from two manufacturing locations: Lubbock, Texas and Carlisle, Ark.

Montag Manufacturing has become recognized as one of the most technologically advanced agriculture equipment companies in the dry fertilizer business. From the unique air flow chambers to their low horsepower requirements, Montag units are recognized as being not only the most accurate in row to row applications, but also the most efficient in terms of horsepower required to operate the system.

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