When Krone engineers began designing the new HDP II, they had two targets in mind: Increase throughput by 100% in comparison to the 1290 HDP and increase density by 10% while maintaining the same ground speed. To accomplish these goals, a complete redesign was necessary, says Niklas Beindorf, Krone sales promotion manager.

The result was the 1290 HDP II. The header has a new “Active Pick-up,” which is a mechanically driven additional feed roller with changeable wear plates in the center. This allows for the best feeding results, particularly in short and dry materials like straw and corn stalks. The header also now has an enhanced transfer from the pick up to the packer, with the pick up speed at 166 U/minute and the conveyer roller speed at 269 U/minute. The crop roller is linked back to the frame behind the powered feed roller, which allows for enhanced intake in feed in extremely wide swathes and in short, fragile material like straw or corn stalks.

The cutting system has been redesigned as well. The rotor is now 30% larger, which provides 20% more throughput. Other features include: 26 blades with a combined knife selection of 13/13; new drive of the cutting system by a V-belt; and a separate turn-off of the cutting rotor and pick-up.

The newly designed variable filling system (VFS) has three reinforced packers and one reinforced packer/feeder arm. The VFS size has increased by 18% vs. the HDP HighSpeed, which was already 18% higher than the HDP standard. Other features of the feeding system include: bigger control arms on the feeding arms; bigger ball bearings; packer housing is open at the top; more tines per feeding bar; and a screwed in cam track.

To keep the bales together, the HDP II uses eight newly designed double knotters. It has a slimmer, 50-millimeter knotter design and the newly developed blade is slimmer and made of a more resistant material. The eight double knotter design allows for higher bale density and better bale shape. The two twine boxes have a capacity of 54 bales of twine total. Two twine boxes with six balls of twine each on the real end of the baler are available as an option.

Besides the well-known knotter air cleaning system, the HDP II is equipped with a high performance knotter cleaning system. A continuous air stream keeps dust away from sitting on the knotter table and causing problems. The high pressure air stream blows on the sensible spots right before the kotter ties. 

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