New Holland has added a new 2-foot x 3-foot model to the BigBaler line of large square balers. The new BigBaler 230 produces a 2-foot x 3-foot x 8-foot bale, which is lighter and easier to handle. This bale size is an ideal choice not only for farmers who desire easier handling, but also for custom operators who want increased revenues per ton from livestock producers who will pay more because of the ease of handling a lighter bale. 

“Like all BigBalers, the new BigBaler 230 is built New Holland SMART to produce consistent, dense, solid bales that stack well and withstand repeated handling,” says Michael Cornman, Dairy and Livestock marketing segment leader. “With the MaxiSweep pickup, matched-width feeding and New Holland’s proven pre-compression system, it all adds up to high-capacity baling.” 

New Holland BigBaler 230BigBaler Series large square balers produce tight, uniform bales while performing with excellent pickup capacity and unmatched density. Crop is preserved in the least amount of space so transport and handling become more efficient. Available in standard and packer cutter configurations, the BigBaler 230 balers require 102 and 110 horsepower respectively.

CropCutter Packer-Cutter System: Less Power to Process, Easier to Feed

The CropCutter Packer-Cutter system cuts the crop into small pieces that are packed tightly into each high-capacity, high-density bale. These bales require less power to process, are denser, easier to feed and easier for livestock to eat and digest. 

The CropCutter Packer-Cutter uses six hydraulically activated abrasion-resistant knives to cut hay as short as 4.5 inches. The shorter particle length of processed bales allows for tighter packing of material in the bale, better fermentation in silage bales due to less air in the bale and more anaerobic bacteria activity. Cutting silage, hay or straw bales also allows for more efficient feeding and spreading of material. Combine this with the perfectly equal flakes created by the New Holland pre-compression system, and distributing feed or bedding materials is faster and easier than ever. 

MaxiSweep Pickup: Clean Pickup for Top Performance

New Holland’s MaxiSweep pickup provides top performance and high capacity with clean pickup and increased reliability. High capacity comes from the powered feed roller combined with under- and over-shot feed augers. Increased reliability comes from the heavy-duty steel coil tines and stronger 2 millimeter profiled guards with welded tine bar supports and a stronger cam and cam bearings.